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Discipline :
Discipline is the watch - word of the College. Students who seek admission in this College have to maintain discipline and they shall have to give proof of their good behavior and conduct by doing so. If any student violates the discipline, she is liable for rustication.

Leave :
Class attendance is compulsory. No student can proceed on long leave. Long absence will lead to cancellation of admission. Any candidate falling short of attendance, i.e. getting less than 75% attendance will not be eligible to appear in the University examination. If any student remains away from the College unauthorizedly, she will be dealt with as per College Rules. No student can appear in any other University Examination during the course of study.

Uniform :
It is compulsory for all the students to wear the prescribed college uniform on the days proposed by the management. The College will arrange to provide the uniform to the students on payment basis, which will be procured through a Committee of teachers and students. The prescribed uniform is as under:
(i) Sari and Blouse
(ii) Cardigan / Blazer (Black)

Rules are :
1. The Management expects polite behaviour from all the students.
2. Students should not pluck flowers & fruits in the campus.
3. Day scholars & locals are not allowed to leave the college before the last period.
4. Those students who will fall short of attendance will not be allowed to sit in the final examination.
5. Students will have to wear their uniform twice a week.
6. Students should reach college at right time, otherwise they won't be allowed to enter the class & will be marked absent.
7. Students who do not attain 75% of total attendance will be put under shortage category.
8. Students have to take their assignment tests in time otherwise they will not be entitled for the Internal Assessment.
9. Students should co-operate to keep their campus clean.
10. All the students have to submit their original documents with two attested photocopies at the time of admission.
11. All the students should dress up properly so that they do not look awkward to the viewers.
12. All the students have to participate in co-curricular activities organized by the College.

Students have to wear uniform while delivering Model Lessons in schools.

General Instructions :
No student shall spread dirt or pluck flowers or fruits. Every Saturday will be observed as CAMPUS CLEANLINESS DAY. All the students will involve themselves in this venture in order to improve the beauty of the campus. No student other than the boarder is allowed to enter the GIRLS HOSTEL PREMISES, without the prior permission of the Principal/Warden.
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