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Computer Lab
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Rules for Computer Room are:
1. Shoes etc. should be removed before entering the Computer Rooms.
2. Students are not allowed to bring diskettes to the Computer Rooms to avoid viruses.
3. Students should switch on equipment only in the presence of Computer Staff.
4. Eatables, drinks & smoking are not allowed in the Computer Rooms.
5. Students are expected to enter their attendance in the Register.
6. Printing should be done in the presence & with the permission of Computer Staff.
7. Bags & other belongings should be left outside the Computer Rooms.
8. Students will be liable to punishment, for any damage to Computer Equipments, peripherals, CD's, Diskette, Furniture & Books.
Data Processing unit :
Computer facility with the latest Pentium Dual Core (2.8 GHz.) Computers, PII Computers, PIII Computers with a Server for Networking, Laser printers, Inkjet Printers, Dot Matrix Printer, AO-Plotter for Architectural Engineering Drawings in colour, Scanners, Photocopier, Laser Printer cum Photocopier, OHP, Multimedia Projector, Fax, Licensed Softwares, Intranet & Internet facility is available for Administrative & Teaching Purposes.
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Computer Lab.
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